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Ever experienced asking after somebody and instead of using their names, you say something like;                                   “Don’t you know that lady that lost her husband?” or

“That man that was sacked” or

“The girl that was raped” or

“That man that bought a new house just arrived now”.

..Even in the bible…a lady was referred to as “the woman with the issue of blood” I still don’t know her name. Do you?

Wait a minute, all these people we just gossiped about, yes gossiped!… Don’t they have names??

Do you honestly feel that this is a fair way to identify a person? Like seriously!!!!

Ab-so-lute-ly Not!!!

Ohhhhh!!!! truth is, we cannot control what people say or how they choose to identify us.Read more


The Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life

Growing up as a teenage girl, there is always drama! Drama with your parents, drama in school and of course drama with guys. I grew up in a town called Warri; in a neighborhood with all sorts of guys; the good, bad, ugly, jerks and douchebags. So, in order to survive, in my own teenage mind, I sort of developed this auto response and attitude to guys around me depending on the category they fell into…well I sort of placed them in categories…

For example, the jerks and douchebags I totally ignored, will never hangout with and always gave them the sassy attitude, then a dramatic “next…..” with a flick flip of the finger (durr…)!  haaaa!!!!!Don’t get me wrong I had my hommies too….sort of my gang…the ones I considered responsible enough for me.

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Caroline Ojie

It’s okay to be confused, its okay to be clueless, give yourself a break. you ‘ ll be fine….



Teddy Roosevelt ……

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

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Just Show-Up

Someone once said that “continuity is delivering consistently, constantly, continuously, quality results”. Actually, I really don’t understand the meaning all that show-off of big grammar in one simple sentence. Am confused!

For my health, I try to keep up with an exercise regime. Usually waking up 5:00 am to exercise. Few times I wake up pumped up for my exercise sessions. But the majority of the times I just drag myself out of bed, struggle to dress up and manage to just sluggishly walk around. On those slow days, I don’t do much. It more like managing to show up and just taking a few steps and truthfully sometimes just sitting down and watching others.

I know many of you perfect fellas are already judging me in your hearts. Some.. saying “is it not better to stay back in bed than waste your time?” ….oh yeah! Tell me something!

someone else even muttered “is it by force? rubbish!!”.

Calm down, there is more. Many times, I push and force myself to leave the house, with the mentality of “let me just show face”? I start my exercise routine sluggishly or maybe I sit-down. But before I realize it, I do more than I ever thought I would. Sometimes someone or something happens and boom!!!!! I get inspired to start working out. Other times after taking a few steps, the energy surges on its own. Very rarely do I go out for exercise and end up doing nothing even though the initial plan is to just show up.

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self love
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Love YOURself

There are so many schools of thoughts in the attempt to define love. Majority of people think that love is a feeling. Weeeellllll!!!! goooood feeeeling or maybe a goofy feeling. I laugh hard!!

Others say it’s a choice. And so on. Whichever is yours, at least we all agree that there is a certain good feeling that accompanies or is produced by love.

When in love the whole world appears beautiful, your hope comes alive, you think possibilities, you walk with a sprint and your energy level is at its highest.  Obviously, it produces positive and wonderful vibes at its peak.

No wonder God commands us to love. But then, he said to love “the other” as YOURself. That means that love begins with “yourself”. You do not love yourself, you do not have what it takes to love the other. So how do you give of that which you are bankrupt of?

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Making progress in life doesn’t necessarily mean speeding forward along the path in front of you. Sometimes progress means stepping down and backing down and backing out. I know, those words sound frightening already. But we are looking to make the right choice for tomorrow, or aren’t you?

Put another way, sometimes, your ultimate achievement in life maybe tied to you letting go and stepping down from what you have become a master of.

The barrier between you and your next season in life may be tied to your ability to step down from your status, your right, class, entitlement, position or what you ve’ learnt over the years.

Judging from the surface, it’s painful when faced with such decisions. And ultimately takes a lot of courage. And that why lots of people never achieve their highest potentials. For,  to step forward, you may need to step down. To win the war, you may need to retreat.Read more

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“Carolllll !!!!!!”
“I know this will be your fault!”
“Over Sabi house wife!”
“Busy body!”
“Know! Know!”
“You always think you know too much!”

Growing up as a little girl and acting out, these were the words constantly hurled at me. I was very innocent, naive and carefree. But I was a gifted child and a loud one.  Intelligent, articulate, fearless and quick to express my opinion on any issues.  Little did I know that my personality was a threat to so many around me.

Back then kids my age either avoided me because they felt intimidated or tried to be my friend and just tagged along. Most of the older folks in an attempt to control or tame me, would constantly criticize, abuse or compare me with other kids with more subdued and less intimidating personalities. And of course, made it clear that I was a problem and they preferred the other kids

Yet there were some who because of my swag and the prospect of a great future they saw in me were convinced that I would be the next big thing. So, they placed me on a very high pedestal based on their high expectations of me. And the truth is I couldn’t cope. I lost myself and started living for people. Most of the time I had to act to keep up “the image” and people’s expectations of me. God!!!! I was lonely. I was just a child acting act and longing for acceptance.Read more

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“A man destiny is often not what it seems”, this is a line that resonated deeply with me from a movie I was seeing a few days back and left my mind with boggling questions.

Most often in life, our assessment of people and situations is wrong. Well perhaps am a bit too harsh here. But hey! you bet am right. We can only see so much. The truth we tell most of the time is half or outrightly untrue; because we can only tell the much we know. Filtered through the lenses of our experiences and exposures. It’s no news, no one knows it all.

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