“A man destiny is often not what it seems”, this is a line that resonated deeply with me from a movie I was seeing a few days back and left my mind with boggling questions.

Most often in life, our assessment of people and situations is wrong. Well perhaps am a bit too harsh here. But hey! you bet am right. We can only see so much. The truth we tell most of the time is half or outrightly untrue; because we can only tell the much we know. Filtered through the lenses of our experiences and exposures. It’s no news, no one knows it all.

Consequently, in many instances, we pay the wrong attention to the right people and the right attention to the wrong people. The same goes for the importance /emphasis and or negligence/ deemphasis we attach to situations and happenings around us. Even the very best of us is guilty of this.

Humans are wired to think about self-first, every time and all the time. But whenever we are favored to shift our focus off ourselves, we realize that the story or movie is not always about us. Regardless of what or who we are.

Yes, we believe we are someone’s miracle, hero and are doing other people a favor, especially when we have some sort of means, training ,endowment or edge over them. Even at that, it is not always about us; situations are not always as they seem. It is not always about the one who appears to be giving or assisting.

It’s not always about you the obvious solution provider, its not always about you the miracle worker, it’s not always about you the all-knowing. Most times, the people you think you are helping are the ones helping youLife is so deep.

Without the sick, there will be no need for you. oh Doctor! Without the needy there will be no need for you. oh Provider!

Maybe the gateman is sent to save the boss and not the other way around as seems obvious

You only have an assignment, because of the person you are assigned to.

Big question; between you and the person you are assigned to, who is more important?

Who is the story truly about?

Who is the hero?

Maybe this person has remained sick, poor, helpless e.t.c, to give your destiny that one opportunity to shine and glow.

Just maybe this difficult person or situation came to being to give you global relevance.

You are not sent to help me, but I am sent to bring out the star in you.

Sometimes, many times, the obvious is deceptive.

Look out!   A man’s destiny is often not what it seems

Have A Plush Day