About Caroline

I became aware of a constant war within me from an early age. And even though I fooled so many with this hard and confident front, there was always this knowing that the real person inside was challenged.

Consequently, unconsciously i began to identify myself with hurting people, those who society think are not good enough, the lowly, abandoned and relegated in the society, physically challenged people etc. Let’s just say I feel more at home with these type of people. Am more at peace. I understand their language and connect very deeply with them. Sounds weird but true.

And it became more obvious when i launched my CDS project with all the physically challenged(crippled) in the state in year 2007. Well my project won a State award, but the real deal was the impact the experience had on me. It was pure heaven each time i was in their midst. I keep relieving those precious moments with so much gratitude.

As though God was trying to mature and deepen this gift yet the more, i went through a very dark season of my life, so dark that i considered suicide severally, struggled with depression, serial rejections, serial failures, was stagnated all round and frustrated, was homeless at some point. And I lost all hope and thought it was over for my life.

Well, am here, yes I survived. I more than survived, with a burning passion to reach out yet the more to others. I can confidently say that I am way better and stronger than I was before those dark days. I understand pain, shame, love, rejection deeper now.

Hey! don’t get me wrong, I don’t have all the answers, I have never claimed to and that’s why I initiated this platform to allows you share your REAL LIFE stories and lessons so as to help other hurting people.

Right now, I have learnt to savor gracefully every season in this journey of life. I AM FLAWED AND BEAUTIFUL.
Will you please help me build this SPA?

Thank you! Merci!
Always Plushing


"You've got to find yourself first. Everything else'll follow"....

Charles De Lint