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Hey Lovelies,

Is it not true that we all crave a Spa once in a while, obviously because of the mental and physical health benefits. In a typical spa, you have the luxury of being away from distractions, allowing your body exfoliates and rejuvenate itself, get rid of toxins and relieve pains all round. The experience is always amazing and the results far reaching.

Theselfspa is about giving the “You” inside, that SPA experience. A place that allows you to accept and be true to your self with all your flaws, wounds and scars, your fears, confusions and insecurities, past, present and future; providing the nurturing environment for the soul.

We sincerely hope to help you find courage, hope and direction as well as help you rediscover the warmth and beauty in the gift of life again; your level and position not withstanding. And maybe we will be able to put a smile on your face and bring you to the point where you say, My journey has been worth it.
We are building a community of people who are not ashamed to share their joys and hurts; talking about The My Worst Series. So it’s easy to share you experiences, hurts and failures with others. More like mentoring others with your powerful stories. Awesome! And on the other hand a pool where the hurting, dejected, confused can come and drink from and find strength.
There will be a lot of Aha!! Moments.You will also be given the opportunity to comment, share your thoughts and stories as well.
Come along for a SPA experience. Enjoy life!!!!!
La vie est belle.
Keep Plushing



"You've got to find yourself first. Everything else'll follow"....

Charles De Lint