Everything in life is a process. The process also has phases. Every phase in life requires a price to be paid to qualify us to move to the next and then the next, until we get to our goals.

Ultimately, everything in life has a price. Everything in life comes at a cost. And for somethings the cost is higher than others. This statement is very true for things that are of true value in life.

The value we place on things or people determines how much we are willing to pay as a price. Funny enough, the price to be paid for a whole lot of things in life cannot be monetized. Indeed, there so many things money cannot buy. This makes it much more difficult as well as demanding on our character.

Take a look at a few of these costs; discipline, persistence, patience, hard work, love. We also have commitment, prayers, thanksgiving, studying,
devotion, sacrifice; just to mention but a few.

Unfortunately, in the age and times we find ourselves, nobody wants to pay the price. Paying the price means following the process,
following the process means taking time. And nobody has the time. We have lost our value for character yet we want the best. Chuckle!

Regrettably, we don’t realize that failing to pay the price is a decision with terrible results awaiting us tomorrow.
So, what do you want to do?
Bear the cost now to enjoy tomorrow? Or pass over the cost today for tomorrows pains.  No one arrives at true greatness without having paid the price.

Remember, whether you bear the cost or not today, there will be a result tomorrow. Why not predetermine tomorrow’s result by your actions today!

Don’t forget tomorrow is out of your control when today is gone.

Have A Plush Day