I love make up. This girl likes to buy me a good foundation, it makes the skin color and texture even out and gives a flawless look. When you add the effect of a good concealer, every blemish is completely covered. Spotless.

Great Makeup can make every and anything look beautiful. That’s why even those who claim not to use it, do little touch ups here and there, go girl! No wonder the tons and tons of profit that the beauty and cosmetic industry rakes in by the minutes.

But what do you do if despite your huge dole of makeup, your flaws or scars or blemishes refused to be covered?
Put another way, how do you make up a person whose whole body is covered in scars? How do you cover the scar of an amputee? How do you cover the scar of a widow? How do you cover the scar of a broken heart or a derailed mind? Can a trailer load of makeup do the job?

I guess it obvious what little job our wonderful make up can do. Makeup only hides the flaws. It does not obliterate it. Very dangerous! Makeup wears out with time. Temporal solution! And leaves us empty

Am not saying we should stop using makeup. My point is makeup or any other form of cover up is not the solution to your deep-seated scar, flaw and blemish. It’s time to Face your flaws and scars and deal with them. Makeup looks better on a whole person.  You too can be whole

Don’t forget, you can be beautiful and whole.
You can also be crippled and whole.
You can be a widowed and whole.
You don’t have to cover-up your scar to feel beautiful. let’s celebrate in the midst of the flaws wholeness. Let’s celebrate true and lasting beauty.

Have A Plush Day