The Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life

Growing up as a teenage girl, there is always drama! Drama with your parents, drama in school and of course drama with guys. I grew up in a town called Warri; in a neighborhood with all sorts of guys; the good, bad, ugly, jerks and douchebags. So, in order to survive, in my own teenage mind, I sort of developed this auto response and attitude to guys around me depending on the category they fell into…well I sort of placed them in categories…

For example, the jerks and douchebags I totally ignored, will never hangout with and always gave them the sassy attitude, then a dramatic “next…..” with a flick flip of the finger (durr…)!  haaaa!!!!!Don’t get me wrong I had my hommies too….sort of my gang…the ones I considered responsible enough for me.

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