We all sing the song; life is full of challenges. Indeed, life is constantly throwing challenges at us. The time table looks like this; its either you are just coming out of a challenge or are passing through one or are about to enter into one. It’s more like a regular meal; just like the food time table. Am thinking, if our regular meals are for nourishment, perhaps these challenges also are for nourishment since they are so regular.

Every challenge or problem we encounter in life is a dare. Life asking you “what will you or can you do? ” now we have the option to either buckle under the weight of the challenge or rise above it. Beware that every challenge or problem has a solution.

I think that life is constantly feeding us with challenges because it is the tool it uses to cause us to grow. Every living thing must grow or it begins to die slowly. As human beings, life therefore, matures us through challenges if embraced rightly.

Seeing the benefits in challenges, it imperative that we personally organize challenges for ourselves if we want to take responsibility for our growth. Don’t only indulge yourself in food and other nice things of life. These are good. They have their place. Seek for the nourishment that comes from growing through challenges. Dare yourself to do the impossible. Challenge yourself to break existing records. Question the existing status quo. Show yourself and circumstances what you are made of. Don’t be satisfied with your good.

Every time the mediocre in you says you cannot do it, don’t chicken out, consider it a dare and let the you inside you rise and over deliver. Don’t just exist, live your best life not just by conquering the challenges life throws at you, but by proffering exceptional solutions and answers to the challenges you set on your own path.

If you constantly challenge yourself, you will realize that no matter where you are at, you keep getting better and better until you become the best and ultimately a reference point even in the midst of mediocrity.

Challenge yourself today to live your best life

Have A Plush Day