I know my name, I know my father’s name, I know the day I was born and a lot of other details about my life as told me by my parents. But there are so many things they did not tell me. So many questions about my life and existence they do not have answers to. As a matter of fact, not just about me, even about their own lives. These question marks hovering over me have seriously unsettled me over time.

Frantically I decided to ask other people around. The assumed Savants, the well-researched and philosophers and they told me a lot of history and stories and blah, blah, blah. But nah! I just couldn’t find me, in all their stories. Honestly, I became more confused.


So I decide to take a journey inside of me to first of all find out the cause of my confusion. Well voila! I got an answer. I am confused because I don’t know who I am. hmmmmm. But! What a relieve at least now I know the answers I seek. I kept digging, this time to discover my identity and the essence of my life.

The answer to this question was worth more than a million dollars because I was frustrated, worthless, purposeless and empty. My inside ached with weariness and stress from trying so hard to be everybody and anyone else. Oh! but who am I? Why am I here? what’s my life about?

I kept on groaning and then suddenly I was referred to someone. Not just anyone. He goes by the name The Manufacturer. It was quite an experience because he gave me the blue print of my life…He opened me up to what is inside of me. Then all the dots began to connect, I was flooded with light and everything began to make sense to me. I did not have to be anybody else, all I needed to do is follow the blue print that leads to my path.

So now you know my story, let’s hear yours. Who are you? You need to answer this question otherwise you are nobody, going nowhere and will arrive nowhere. Oh!! You have no idea!!!

Have A Plush Day