Ever experienced asking after somebody and instead of using their names, you say something like;                                   “Don’t you know that lady that lost her husband?” or

“That man that was sacked” or

“The girl that was raped” or

“That man that bought a new house just arrived now”.

..Even in the bible…a lady was referred to as “the woman with the issue of blood” I still don’t know her name. Do you?

Wait a minute, all these people we just gossiped about, yes gossiped!… Don’t they have names??

Do you honestly feel that this is a fair way to identify a person? Like seriously!!!!

Ab-so-lute-ly Not!!!

Ohhhhh!!!! truth is, we cannot control what people say or how they choose to identify us.

But, must we begin to define ourselves by these same terrible or wonderful stories too? Is it like okay to cling to a past experience regardless, as a definition of who we are?

Darling, we are not our stories! We are more, every new day brings its own stories and drama. Asserting that we are our stories goes to say that we keep changing personalities and individuality every day as the drama of our lives changes. Like a chameleon. Really funny and dumb!

See, shit happens! Life is always dribbling and reminding us of who the real boss is; the unfolding happenings in your life whether good or bad do not define who you are.

We are always changing and growing outwardly as a reflection of who we truly are inside. The true individual is inside regardless of the drama outside.

When you keep using your past experiences to identify yourself, you tie yourself to your past….shushing and squelching the authentic you.

You tie your joy, happiness, progress and existence to happenings around you. Sadly, limiting your life.

The past or what has happened to you is just a chapter in the entire book of your life. There will be many more chapters.

News flash, you have stayed long enough on that one chapter; let’s start writing another one. Cos you must get to the end of the book of your life. You still have a long way to go.

Wake up! you are not yet there. 

let this sink in…..Its okay for shit to happen. so?

Your world is dying to experience you. Don’t be buried by the mirage and drama.

You are not your story or past experience; you need to get over it. And that, …….fast.


Have A Plush Day