Why are you hiding? Nothing she replied. Liar!! I cried, yes you are. tell me why you are hiding. You are acting strangely I chided. Did you do anything wrong? Am ashamed! She finally replied after a long pause and sigh. I don’t think I am good enough. I don’t measure up to my friends from way back so whenever I see them I hide to avoid ridiculing myself in front of them.

This is an excerpt from my conversation with my friend. Don’t look so shocked because this is the reality of many today. But unfortunately, it reflects a very poor, damaging and crippling mindset.

When you think like this, you are comparing yourself with others. According to scriptures when you compare yourself with others you are not wise. We are all differently gifted and endowed. While Some people’s blessings are more flashy and conspicuous than others. Other people have blessings that will speak louder generations to come. Again, we all have our seasons in life. It is wrong to compare two people in different seasons of their lives because you can’t see the bigger picture yet.


The real issue to me is our poor definition of success. The question is how do you define a successful person? Is it the person with the flashy car or the most read or the one with the most children? Or do we define it in terms of physical size? When you see success with a myopic lens you leave a lot of people outside the circle. Unfortunately, even you will fall outside the success cycle which makes you run to hide from your myopic lens filtered few successful friends.

A closer look at this situation will reveal that there are many other areas where we are actually doing better than the person we are hiding from. Ultimately, there is no need to compare. Cos we are different, set on different paths. And even when others have intimidating blessings, because some people obviously have that, it is better to celebrate with them. Come out and mingle. Dare to be ridiculed and very soon, it will be your time and turn to celebrate as well.

Have A Plush Day