Someone once said that “continuity is delivering consistently, constantly, continuously, quality results”. Actually, I really don’t understand the meaning all that show-off of big grammar in one simple sentence. Am confused!

For my health, I try to keep up with an exercise regime. Usually waking up 5:00 am to exercise. Few times I wake up pumped up for my exercise sessions. But the majority of the times I just drag myself out of bed, struggle to dress up and manage to just sluggishly walk around. On those slow days, I don’t do much. It more like managing to show up and just taking a few steps and truthfully sometimes just sitting down and watching others.

I know many of you perfect fellas are already judging me in your hearts. Some.. saying “is it not better to stay back in bed than waste your time?” ….oh yeah! Tell me something!

someone else even muttered “is it by force? rubbish!!”.

Calm down, there is more. Many times, I push and force myself to leave the house, with the mentality of “let me just show face”? I start my exercise routine sluggishly or maybe I sit-down. But before I realize it, I do more than I ever thought I would. Sometimes someone or something happens and boom!!!!! I get inspired to start working out. Other times after taking a few steps, the energy surges on its own. Very rarely do I go out for exercise and end up doing nothing even though the initial plan is to just show up.

In retrospect, I sometimes wonder how much time and result would have been lost if I had just given in to the “let me rest today,…… am not up for it today…not sure I can do much” thought.

Continuity doesn’t mean delivering a hundred percent result all the time. It means being committed to an assignment, journey, plan or purpose even when you are not up for it. Even when you know you are not up for the task and will probably not deliver your best; showing up, by all means, making the effort do something; anything, with regards to that assignment. Taking even the minutest step in the direction of that task.

Listen, If you have to take just one lazy step; show up! if you have to just sit down there, show up! You have to go under-dressed? show up! If you can only afford a whisper, show up! If it means showing up late, good… show up!

If it means dragging yourself all the way, still show up! If continuity means allowing yourself to “underperform”, so be it. Show up!!! Allow yourself, by just being to continue.

When you have it, all stuck up your head that you must always deliver optimally or perform at world-class level for you to proceed on an assignment, you put yourself under unnecessary tension. This is why people start and stop, going back and forth like a pendulum clock. Just do it!

Showing up alone makes the difference that will end up producing results never imagined. Showing up every and anytime builds the habit in you that translates into a strong character which defines your personality and manifests in every other aspect of your life.

Have you also noticed how much energy “the stop and start” syndrome takes? Don’t let me analyze the toxic dialogue that the mind engages after a typical stop session; what a waste of energy! And then how much energy you need to prep yourself to start again! When you add all of these together, it’s not compared to what would have been needed to… just show up- anyhow.

Showing -up means different things to different people in different situations. Whatever it means for you, do it already!

Just show up sweetie!

Have a plush day