There are so many schools of thoughts in the attempt to define love. Majority of people think that love is a feeling. Weeeellllll!!!! goooood feeeeling or maybe a goofy feeling. I laugh hard!!

Others say it’s a choice. And so on. Whichever is yours, at least we all agree that there is a certain good feeling that accompanies or is produced by love.

When in love the whole world appears beautiful, your hope comes alive, you think possibilities, you walk with a sprint and your energy level is at its highest.  Obviously, it produces positive and wonderful vibes at its peak.

No wonder God commands us to love. But then, he said to love “the other” as YOURself. That means that love begins with “yourself”. You do not love yourself, you do not have what it takes to love the other. So how do you give of that which you are bankrupt of?

So many of us don’t even think we are loveable. Constantly picking our every mistake and measuring ourselves by the standards of the environment and people around leaves us completely paralyzed and with nothing to offer ourselves. Because actually, we are not made to fit perfectly. That’s part of the design called diversity.

God perfected diversity in humanity. We are all diversely perfect! wooop!!!!

If you don’t think you are lovable, then you re not. And what you haven’t received, what don’t have, you will never be able to give to others. Simple logic.

You need to realize that every beauty queen, wealthy man or supposedly perfect person you see out there, is flawed and twisted somewhere. You love them because they have learnt to embrace, wear and manage their flaws better(call it packaging, whatever!). Circumstances and flaws don’t define you. You are way more than that. Infact they refine you for display. Or dont you want to be on display?

Love, respect, embrace and appreciate “you“, regardless, because you are a Big Deal. Don’t also forget that when all others leave you( yeah, certainly they will), you will always be with you. So how much longer do you want to torture “you” with a loveless relationship and companionship?

Look how beautiful things become around you when you create an atmosphere of love around yourself, yeah! See how you produce incredible results. Attracts people to yourself. Are full of bright ideas, glow and radiate confidence and most importantly, begin to realize the best in others. Need I say more?

The way you love yourself sets the standard for how others love on you. If you don’t love yourself, don’t expect anybody else to love you. You don’t respect yourself? Nobody else will. When you love and dignify yourself, people honor you and treat you with regard. it’s not too late, you can start the romance afresh. Love in the air!!! Start with “you”. yeah !yeah!

Have a plush day

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