Have you ever tried wearing your shoes on your head? Or wearing your cap on your legs to walk?, Sounds funny and weird right?. Now, try seating on your chest And eating with your nose, Yes! you wouldn’t want to imagine the feeling!

But who taught us to use the eyes for sight? And the nose for breadth or Who taught the newly born baby to suckle mama’s breast with the mouth?. I guess its God Himself; He put a natural instinct for order in each and every one of us. This instinct is like the navigator needle guiding us daily to live our lives according to divine order.

Everything in life has an order. Everything in life has been carefully planned and arranged. There are no mistakes, no coincidences and no surprises to divine plan. Common, take a close look at the way nature is carefully arranged; the trees, the mountains, the seas, the animals; their behaviors and tendencies, everything reflects order.
It’s the same way each and every one of our lives should reflect order. Divine order!

When a life is out of order, that life is out of peace. Recall the feeling when food mistakenly gets into your nose, again! oouch!!!, When a life is out of order, there will be so much chaos and struggles.
A life out of order will ultimately hurt, abuse and derail many others.
Nature attracts, nature heals, nature restores, natures soothes, natures radiates true beauty and life.

Do you know why?

Because nature is thoughtfully crafted, ordered and planned. Hmmmmmm.. I guess nature has all the lessons. Hey! pick your navigator’s needle and begin to put things in order. I bet you will radiate more beauty and life than nature.

Have A Plush Day