I Wake up to you in the morning, Meal per meal you are right by me. All day long right up to the night season when I fall back asleep you never leave me. Sometimes I wonder searching all around for the chains that tie me to you.
Really, I can’t seem to detach myself from you and because I am attached to you I am forced to do whatever you do.

What a predicament I find myself. But who are you? Why do you stalk me so?. Reality just hit me that we are stuck together for life. You and you alone in a room full of people as well as in the solitude of our quiet meetings…huge sigh. But you are weird how do I live with you?

O self!, you who are constantly in deep thoughts about things that are none of your business; things you cannot control; things of importance and of no importance at the same time,(Very weird). Things that are past and should be forgotten (you keep regurgitating… gush!!!!).

One minute you create a world of fantasy, the other minute you create a funeral while you remain a key player at the center of all of these. Why! Why! Why!

Why do you keep doing this to yourself?

So, you said the other day that you wanted to startup a project, you planned and anticipated it. When it was time, for no reason you changed your mind. I don’t understand you. You say one thing and mean another. You like one thing and choose another.You look to me as very confused and I really don’t understand you.

I don’t understand you!!!!!!!!

An ironically, am always trying to catch up with you. That I guess is a project of a lifetime!!!!!
Really! I would love to know you. Because we are obviously doing life together.
Can we start our relationship afresh? And this time please will you help me understand you better?

Have A Plush Day