Making progress in life doesn’t necessarily mean speeding forward along the path in front of you. Sometimes progress means stepping down and backing down and backing out. I know, those words sound frightening already. But we are looking to make the right choice for tomorrow, or aren’t you?

Put another way, sometimes, your ultimate achievement in life maybe tied to you letting go and stepping down from what you have become a master of.

The barrier between you and your next season in life may be tied to your ability to step down from your status, your right, class, entitlement, position or what you ve’ learnt over the years.

Judging from the surface, it’s painful when faced with such decisions. And ultimately takes a lot of courage. And that why lots of people never achieve their highest potentials. For,  to step forward, you may need to step down. To win the war, you may need to retreat.

Stuck in traffic this morning on my way to work in a two way lane, I was confronted with this choice; to stay on my rightful stuck-lane, way ahead of many cars on the other lane or to fall back/ move back to the other lane and stay behind cars that I arrived before and felt I was supposed to be way ahead of (note: this new lane had more prospect of moving forward).

Stupid ego! Well, I reluctantly stepped back behind many cars on the second lane. And it was like magic. Within minutes, the new lane started moving and I was about 20 cars ahead of the place my car was stuck. Unfortunately, that lane was still at standstill. It hit me, that I would have shortchanged myself by holding on to my previous position.

Overwhelming examples in the lives of others surround us everywhere and every day of this great lesson. The greatest is the story in the scripture that says that Jesus for the glory ahead, stepped down from His position in heaven, took the shame and endured the cross. The proofs of this decision are everywhere.

Getting it right is much better than being right. Getting it right might mean taking the less honoring option temporarily but trust me it guarantees lasting results. That seeming failure, delay, rejection, demotion, confusion, shame etc., may just be a camouflage.  Be warned that it will never feel good at the time of the decision. So, don’t bother about the feelings, do it once you know it’s right.

Don’t forget, attitude is everything if you make the decision to step down for the right reasons, do it graciously for your reward.

Yes! there is always a reward. Attractive rewards; honor, speed, favor, greatness, deliverance from traps etc.

One of the greatest blessings, the blessing of a step back. Lookout for it.

Have A Plush Day