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Love YOURself

There are so many schools of thoughts in the attempt to define love. Majority of people think that love is a feeling. Weeeellllll!!!! goooood feeeeling or maybe a goofy feeling. I laugh hard!!

Others say it’s a choice. And so on. Whichever is yours, at least we all agree that there is a certain good feeling that accompanies or is produced by love.

When in love the whole world appears beautiful, your hope comes alive, you think possibilities, you walk with a sprint and your energy level is at its highest.  Obviously, it produces positive and wonderful vibes at its peak.

No wonder God commands us to love. But then, he said to love “the other” as YOURself. That means that love begins with “yourself”. You do not love yourself, you do not have what it takes to love the other. So how do you give of that which you are bankrupt of?

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