Growing up as a teenage girl, there is always drama! Drama with your parents, drama in school and of course drama with guys. I grew up in a town called Warri; in a neighborhood with all sorts of guys; the good, bad, ugly, jerks and douchebags. So, in order to survive, in my own teenage mind, I sort of developed this auto response and attitude to guys around me depending on the category they fell into…well I sort of placed them in categories…

For example, the jerks and douchebags I totally ignored, will never hangout with and always gave them the sassy attitude, then a dramatic “next…..” with a flick flip of the finger (durr…)!  haaaa!!!!!Don’t get me wrong I had my hommies too….sort of my gang…the ones I considered responsible enough for me.

So, on this faithful day, I was seated on a high stool by the reading table which was located at the front porch of my house; of course, I was studying. But again, I had this bad habit of rocking the stool back and forth. Other times I would tilt it really backwards. Unfortunately for me on this day, I took a really bad fall while tilting. I fell completely backwards, my two legs flew open..(I was wearing a skirt)…my legs actually got caught up..hanging in the air. And the stool which fell towards me, got suspended in between my two widely open legs…not funny at all. It was so bad that I couldn’t help myself, couldn’t close my legs, couldn’t stand up.  I was stuck in that position.

The noise of my fall was very loud and guess the first person who heard and immediately ran to my aid? One of the guys in my neighborhood (..was passing by..)who I considered a jerk and douchebag …and of course, never ever spoke to. I felt like the earth should open and just swallow me up. This guy walked up to the scene and found me in the “Woman in Labour Position” struggling with the stool between my legs. Honestly, it would have been better for me if he had just left me and walked away; but he did not. The “stupid boy” removed the stool from in between my thighs and that became the most embarrassing moment in life till date.

My biggest ego crusher day it was because,  at this point in my teenage life, I still had some dangerous panties. And on that fateful day, I was wearing one of them. It was an old pant with holes in the middle of the vagina area. The guy pulled out the stool from in between my thighs and of course he beheld the “terrible site”,…. turned his head with this look of satisfaction, sarcasm and accomplishment then walked away. From that day I avoided him and his crew like a plague. Hilarious story but till this day I haven’t gotten over the embarrassment and lessons of that day.

There are several lessons from this story. But I think my biggest take is that in times of need, anyone could be your savior. So as much as possible relate and be friends with all…. And by the way, this guy never gave me away; nobody mocked me and I have never heard the story elsewhere.


Have A Plush Day